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You're digging in the right place.  AARDWOLF comes to your computer or network, at the time and day that is convenient for you.  AARDWOLF wants you to be satisfied; if we can't help you, then it's free!

at rates that are even better...

Are you currently paying more than $80 an hour for experienced, competent PC service?   (Are you not getting experienced, competent PC service?)  AARDWOLF can help.  We work hard to keep our overhead low so we can offer our customers the best hourly rates.

Is your business taking advantage of the internet?  About the only thing we're sure of about the future of the Web is that it is not going away.  More and more, customers are expecting businesses to have a website.  And what's not to like about a brochure of nearly unlimited size, that can be updated as often as you like, and is available to millions of people 24 hours a day?  What about a self-service store that never closes?  AARDWOLF Web can build, maintain or update your website, and help you find an affordable home for it on the web.

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